Rih Lake in Chin State

February 28, 2018

Rih Dil

Rih Dil (lit. Rih lake) a natural lake located in northwestern Chin State in Burma. It lies at about 3 kilometers from Zokhawthar village at an Indo-Burma border. The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. It is about 3 miles in its circumference and the depth is about 60 feet. It has a heart-shaped outline.
The name is derived from a Mizo folktale of Rih-i. Rih-i had a younger sister who was murdered by her father upon the order of their stepmother. Rih-i’s sister was resurrected with the help of a spirit. With the same magical spell Rih-i turned herself into a water body that became the lake.
Rih Dil occupied an important status in the traditional religion of the Mizo people. According to the ancestors of the tribals, it was a corridor to their heaven called Pialral. All souls destined to Pialral must pass through the lake. Due to its cultural importance it is often said ‘the largest lake in Mizoram is Rid Dil, but is in Burma